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Submission Guidelines for Reviews

What do you review?

I review young adult books. I do not review self-published books. You know who you are. Don't send hate mail. Its just a personal thing. When I was little, it was my birthday and somebody shut down Disney World just so all the Self-Published book could frolick. And I just...I just...I'm in therapy for this, okay?

I also review books for readers in the 20-30 year age bracket. Books about some health related issues I'll throw in the pile. I even enjoy some how-to books. I like to learn how-to do things. I'm a handy kind of gal.

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We had Madonna, we had Lady Gaga and the only gal left to fill our pop Glee-va (glee diva) needs was the one and only Britney Spears. Last night the Glee gods answered our prayers with perhaps the most anticipated episode of the show…ever. Did it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Today's Teen Online

Today's Teen Online!

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New Article, AOL's "Lemondrop"

An article of mine was published this morning on LemonDrop.com

Check it out

"Real 'Community' -- What Community College Is Actually Like"

(I'm furiously excited about this!)

New entry on www.ilanawrites.com

Want to know what I look like after midnight? New entry that includes an update on boyfriends who buy flowers: http://www.ilanawrites.com

Giveaway, last day!


Today is the LAST DAY to enter the Hush Hush Giveaway!

Winners announced on Halloween!

Boyfriends Who Buy Flowers

NEW POST! http://www.ilanawrites.com/ "Boyfriends Who Buy Flowers" Please check it out!

New Post on www.ilanawrites.com

Things that are in this blog:

A) Pillows
B) Sewing Machines
C)Boyfriends who are asking for it.
D) All of the above.

At some point earlier this year, in response to my medical crisis I started blaming my pillows.

Yes. Pillows.

It was so obvious. they were the reason I was so sick. They probably were full of toxins, and feathers with avian flu, and dust, and dust mites. My pillows were killing me. They had to go. Immediately.


Remember, the Hush,Hush giveaway contest is still going on! Second entry on http://www.ilanawrites.com


There is still plenty of time to enter the Hush, Hush poster contest giveaway.

Just head to http://www.ilanawrites.com for more info!

Giveaway! www.ilanawrites.com


Readers of Becca Fitzpatrick’s debut novel are unlikely to remain Hush,Hush about the next big thing in young adult lit. Setting the new standards for heavenly hunks is Patch, a fallen angel whose only desire is to become human. While on earth he takes an interest in fellow classmate, Norah Grey. Since they met, Norah finds herself the victim of several near-death encounters. Although she finds Patch’s bad boy antics anything but charming, he always seems to be around to save the day . When at last Norah finds herself succumbing to his peculiar come-ons, she starts to wonder what exactly he’s pursuing her for.

I’ve got no doubts that Hush, Hush will leave readers with the same jealousy over Norah Gray as they did over Bella Swan. Expect many high school girls to be despondent and uninterested in anything but the book in their hands as Hush, Hush mania explodes.

Boys? Start pulling out the leather jackets and tattooing on those angel wings!

Want a Hush, Hush poster for your room or locker? YOU ARE IN LUCK, SIR! Because I have two beautiful ones to give away! (Thank you Simon & Schuster! And Becca! And UPS for not mucking them up!)


How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment on http://www.ilanawrites.com with your email mentioning the latest young adult book you read and who it was by.

Extra entries:

2. Add me on twitter and tweet: “ RT @IlanaJacqueline HUSH,HUSH Poster giveaway on www.ilanawrites.com ! (1 extra entry)

3. Blog about this giveaway by mentioning it or linking to it. (2 extra entries)

Make sure you leave a comment on www.ilanawrites.com letting me know how many entries you submitted with links to your twitter/blog.

Winners will be announced on Halloween morning!

PLEASE LINK ALL BLOG ENTRIES/TWEETS to http://www.ilanawrites.com!